Monday, June 11, 2007

Such a Pain!

Today was just one of those days! Taylor refused to take her usual nap so she was actually awake to eat lunch. But I can't complain because she took over a 3 hour nap-very unusual for her because she only takes about a 2 hour one. We went into town to do some grocery shopping and get some more flowers to add more color to the yard. She would politely say please when she wanted something and then sign more if she is finished eating what I had given her to munch on.
When we got home she got to play outside for awhile. When we went in it was time to start dinner, no sooner than the meat started to brown Troy came home and asked if we wanted to go into town and eat. Sure why not! We should have stayed home!!!!
We went to Aguila Con El Taco and good thing we were pretty much the only ones in there! Taylor was so naughty!!! She refused to eat anything and only wanted her drink, she became very frustrated that the lid was on the drink so I took it off...big mistake. She took a shoe off and threw it on the ground, then continued to throw her rice and whatever else we would give her. Then it happened....she hit over her drink and it went everywhere, right into my lap!!!! I was soaked and looked like I had peed! Are you kidding! After that I was pretty much done eating and we went straight to the car, Troy had to finish eating by himself!
She continued to throw random tantrums the entire drive home. After she was ready for bed, I didn't want her to wake up during the night hungry so I gave her a bagel to munch on (but on the drive home I threatened she will go to bed hungry!). No luck, still a little pill so she went straight to bed! I haven't heard a peep from her yet.
Not to justify her tantrums but it doesn't help she is getting another tooth! I can't wait until teething is over!

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Lotz Family said...

Kate's getting her morals now and has started with the tantrums again.. it's so frusterating!