Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Taylor always steals Ashton's blanket, can you tell she loves it!

I watched Ashton for a few hours last night. Since I ended up in town right before Melissa was going to bring him out, I just went to pick him up when I was done running errands.

Yesterday was also my Mom's Birthday (Happy B-day (again) Mom!), we were all meeting at my house for cake/ice cream for her. Melissa was in charge of the ice cream, but hadn't had time to get it before I picked up Ashton. I told her I will suck it up and run into Wal-Mart and grab some with BOTH kids! I didn't want to push around the huge cart that has the extension to strap two kids in, so I just sat both in the bottom of the cart. I wish I had my camera, because they looked so cute sitting there!
I stopped by the deli and got a popcorn chicken for the two to share (and entertain them!) while I picked up what I needed. They were both so well behaved and just laughed at each other every now and then.

In the 15 minutes I was in there, I had FIVE people ask me if they were twins! One of those was an employee! Might I remind you I worked there for almost 4 years and this employee was there before me! When I was stopped by him he went on and on about how big they were getting and that the last time he saw "them" was when they were just little! Uhhhh, I don't think he saw them when they were little, because when they were little and I was in shopping it was just Taylor with me!

They have so much fun together (as you can tell from some of their faces in the picts), I got some really cute video clips but I can't get the video camera to cooperate with the computer so I will have to get them to work together and post later.

P.S. It is so hard to get two little ones so active to stand by each other, look at the camera, and smile all at the same time!

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