Thursday, June 07, 2007

Plus 1 more!

First off...NO it's not plus one "baby". It is plus one MOUSE!!!! I was downstairs this evening making some bows and something caught my eye! There it was a nasty, dirty, freaky rodent running across the floor! EW-
I went straight upstairs all freaked out! I immediately told Troy we had a mouse and he needs to set out a trap. We haven't had a mouse in our house since the first year we moved into our home. And the day I saw one run into our bedroom and then one two seconds later run through the kitchen (completely OPPOSITE sides of the house) I was finished with my breakfast, didn't shower and called Troy to come get me. What did we do all day?? Drove beet truck! And those that know me well, knows that I HATE riding in the beet truck!

Back to today....
If I didn't have a lady coming to pick up the bows I was "trying" to make in the morning, I would have called it quits for the night! Instead I had to go back down. The entire time I was attaching those cute bows to the clip I was sitting on my feet, looking around constantly and having thoughts about this little rodent coming upstairs and crawling into mine or Taylor's bed while we slept! Gross!
Then I hear it in our storage room rummaging around...little pest! Get out of my storage!!
I don't think I will sleep well tonight!

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