Thursday, June 07, 2007

No more t.v.?!!??

Troy came home the other day and informed me that Taylor was no longer able to watch t.v. Huh?
He said he heard on the radio that when a child under the age of 2 watches tv they grow up to have a.d.d. So, now when the tube is on he tells Taylor she can not watch.
Now that means for me...

*No more showers for me while she is awake. That means showers at night (which I HATE) or when she is napping (which is the time I go downstairs!) Hmmmm.....
*Nothing to entertain her while I finish the last 10-15 minutes of dinner.
*No more distractions while I quickly reply to e-mails or finish making a listing on e-bay.
*No 20 minute "sanity break" from playing all those fun games a 1 1/2 year old plays.
*No entertainment in a few weeks when we travel to SLC, fly to New York, then drive into Canada. (Or ANY long drive/vacation) The portable dvd player was a life saver when I went to visit Jeff a few weeks ago!

I really don't let her watch ALOT of tv, but she does get her for sure daily fix after she is bathed and completely ready while I shower. It's a guaranteed way to keep her out of things she shouldn't while I can't watch her.
Sometimes late in the afternoon when the toys are no longer a distraction and she can't pull up a chair and help me cook dinner (too much stove top cooking) cartoons are playing.

I couldn't do it this morning during my shower so yes, she did get Backyardigans.


Nikkala said...

Maybe you should suggest no more radio for Troy....

TV isn't a good distraction for Bentley (he may already have ADD). Luckily he is a good napper or I would never get to shower.

Lotz Family said...

Alisha - I got my Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education, so this was a hot topic for discussion. I actually did a research paper on the topic. Some info you can give Troy: Yes, TV is NOT recommended for children under the age of two; however, watching TV does not gaurantee that they will have ADHD, it just increases the chances. If you do let her watch TV, it probably shouldn't be more than a half hour total in a day, but TV isn't going to give her ADHD. I figure its safer to let Kate watch a little TV than it is for me to go completely crazy without ever having a little break!