Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I hate days like today

Today was a cold, windy, rainy, miserable day. Even though Taylor isn't little anymore I still don't like to take her any where when it's awful outside. Since I knew we weren't leaving the house, after our showers it was back into sweats and a t-shirt for me and jeans/t-shirt for Taylor...I just couldn't let my baby wear pajamas all day!
I was cold and sleepy all day long. If it wouldn't look so funny I would invest in some footed pajamas for myself! I could tell Taylor was going stir crazy because by 4:30 she was extremely whiny! Time to break out the large legos and then throw the ball around!
Sadly, the lilies I planted in the front was blown over by the stupid wind! That whole flower bed has been under water like crazy!
Too bad the weather is suppose to be awful the rest of the week! ;(

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