Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Growing Vocabulary

Taylor has recently added more words other than MAMA to her vocab! Before it was just pointing and saying my name over and over until she gets my attention or what she wants!

Her Vocab (at least what I can think of... for now)

*Mama, mom, ma-depending on what she wants is how she will say it (1st word!)
*Alisha!-Used in the high chair and wants OUT now!
*What's that?
* use to just be "ruff ruff" so does that count as 2? :)
*Ba-means bottle/sippy/drink
*DA-means Dad...finally! also new. She actually said this Sunday when Troy was passing the Sacrament and he walked by and she saw him, maybe it was because she wanted more and he had the power to give her more

*She will sign "More" in sign language and I am working on please

I am also working on "up" instead of whining for me to pick her up.

Pretty soon I will wake up and she will be speaking in sentences to me!

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