Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Gina's Worst Nightmare!

My sister Gina is extremely clean/organized/tidy...you name it that is her! In fact, one time while I was visiting her in Texas her daughter (2 yrs. younger than me) and I went around the entire house and slightly tilted every picture in her house. When she returned home from wherever she was at we waited and watched as she automatically started straightening things. She finally realized (as we were laughing hysterically) that we had pulled a prank on her. Even her husband makes bets with friends on how long it will take her to pick up a wrapper laying on the floor! She made me laugh when she was here in March because every time she would use my bathroom she would put the toilet paper sitting on the counter back in it's rightful spot-that is my way of baby proofing, I would rather have it on the counter than unrolled on the floor! She straightens the pillows on the couch several times a day (Finally! The point of my post!) Taylor LOVES to take all my pillows off of my couches several times a day. I can't wait to see how much fun Gina will have with her (and her Grandson, 1) the end of the month when we are visiting!

She actually has the pillows all together and in a pile in the pictures. Usually they are spread out and surrounded by blankets and toys!

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