Monday, June 04, 2007

Human Can Opener

Lately Taylor has been able to open anything! She has the "flip tops" down like there's no tomorrow! Even if you give her something (desitin or lotion...distraction while getting dressed) the wrong way she will turn the bottle around and pry it open with her teeth. Just the other day while I was repainting her toe nails she managed to twist open one of the nail polishes! I often find her standing on her tip toes reaching for door handles and now when she wants something to eat/drink she is trying for the fridge! She can open up her dresser drawers, but thankfully she only gets into the bottom drawer when she wants a blanket. She tries the bathroom drawers also, but they are self closing and a little tougher to open..thank heavens! This morning she was playing in her usual cupboard while I was cleaning up breakfast. Our cupboards are short and you can not stand up any boxes upright (plus not alot of room) therefore a big box of granola bars and sugar cookie mix is shoved with the pots/pans. I saw that she was playing with the granola bars and didn't stop her. I turn around two seconds later and she had "nibbled" her way through one of the packages!! Maybe she has been spending too much time with her mousey friends in the Honda :) I was actually kind of glad it was a granola bar and not the sugar cookie mix! That would have been a mess to clean up.

*I also took these pictures with "Troy's" camera (I usually don't use it because there is too much that you need to adjust to get it just right...half the time Troy is messing with the settings that Taylor isn't doing the cute thing she was doing anymore for us to get the camera out!) Anyway, I got a couple really good close ups, mainly just the last one with her mouth stuffed full of granola-of course Troy critiqued some of the others, like I meant to focus on the Tupperware rather than our child! LOL :)

It's almost time to baby proof a little more!

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deidra said...

I think you're past "baby-proofing." It looks like it's time to "little girl-proof!" She's getting so big!