Saturday, June 02, 2007

Best of Friends

After the hard night with Taylor at the reception, she stayed home with Troy this afternoon while I went to Sarah's baby shower. It's always nice to "show" off your kid, but sometimes it's even nicer to be able to visit and not run around after the kid! :)

My "girl friends" from high school have really spread out across the U.S. and we rarely get to see much of each other so it was fun to have a few of us together to chat and catch up.

Picture: Left to Right
Sarah (Gibby) Wells, Carrol (Ward) Robins, ME!, Emily (Young) Pugmire, Sara (Young) Kemper.

Isn't Sarah a cute little pregnant "Mommy to be!" She is expecting her first (BOY!) in September.
I was so lucky to have such wonderful friends growing up! We have always been able to find something to laugh about! Myself, Carrol and Emily have known each other since we were little and growing up in the same ward made it alot more fun going to girls camp or playing church ball.
Sara is Emily's older sister and since we hung out alot at Emily's house, plus church activities, and being on some sort of team together (between basketball, soccer or track one of us hung out with her!) We all became good friends.

Emily and Sara also left their little ones home with Grandma and Carrol (still being a new mom) couldn't believe we were all so content with leaving our little ones! We all love our kids to death but it was a much needed adult Mommy time (for me anyway!) day! :)

Here's another picture of all of us plus Carrol's cute little baby girl. Emily Aika Robins. In person she has always looked like her Daddy, but in this picture she looks alot like Mom!

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