Monday, June 18, 2007

Sick and Sleepy

Taylor has been suffering from a runny, snot filled nose. I have been giving her benedryl here and there to help comfort her a little. She was getting pretty bad (sneezes are the worse!) this morning so I gave her a dose. Not even 10 minutes later I found her like this.....

Poor thing was so tired and it was only 9:30!!! I laid her in her bed and I didn't get her out of bed until almost 2! Crazy! I got a ton of stuff done with AJ's Bow-tique, some undisturbed cleaning, and played on the computer and was actually getting anxious for her to wake up! I hope she gets over this little cold before we leave town...better now than later huh?!
I think it is hilarious when she leans back in her chair like this! When she leans back, she needs something to prop her feet up so it's a full recliner! :)

*The pictures may look a little "blurry", Troy was playing with the settings on the camera and I COULD NOT figure out what he did! So these are some of the less blurry I got! :0)

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