Monday, June 18, 2007

Great Find Home Decor

I have been wanting one of these window sash's for a LONG time! When I first repainted our kitchen I looked on e-bay for a while, but to get one this size and shipped it would be OVER $90!

A new store in downtown opened last Monday and I went in to see what they had (I can't think of the "name" but it is everything handmade/homemade) when I saw this and checked out the price I was shocked...$30! Of course I get it, then when I get it to the Honda think about getting it home! It was too big, luckily my Dad's work was 2 blocks away and he has a pickup! I called him up and he saved the day! :)

I finally got Troy to hang it yesterday up on the wall in the back door entry way.
I hated the picture I had there before (too small for the length of the wall) and I love how it fills up the space! Hooray for good deals! :) I actually talked with one of the ladies that runs the store about selling my bows in there. I am still debating if I want to do it, most likely I will but won't take too much action on it until after the first of the month.

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