Tuesday, June 19, 2007

First Haircut

After seeing Taylor's hair this morning I decided it was finally time to cut her "bangs." Like said previously she is suffering from a runny nose-her hair was hanging in her eyes and into her snot so she had dried little boogers hanging in her hair. She would make herself go cross-eyed trying to figure out what is in her hair.



I cut them shorter than I would have liked to, but at least when nothing is holding her hair back it is not in her eyes! Those little buggers shrink alot once they are cut/dry! Note to self for next time! They look alot better when I actually "do" her hair too! :)

I saved her hair and put it in an envelope, Troy thinks I am absolutely crazy for doing so. My mom saved my hair from my first haircut, and it's just sentimental to have! :)

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