Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Duster For Hire

If you are looking for someone to come dust your house...look no more!


*Always willing and ready to do her job.
*She never complains, unless you DON'T let her help out.

*Will try her hardest to even get those hard to reach places

*All toys will officially get the attention needed

*May get distracted once in awhile because it's just too fun to "tickle" herself while on the job.

*You will know she has done her job, or tired of doing her job when you find the duster is "secretly" hidden in Tigger.

Please e-mail her Mom for dates and times available if you would like a duster for a day! :)


Patty P said...

Cute blog. Enjoy all of her help because she'll grow up to fast!

Whit said...

that is too cute! she has gotten so big!