Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all those Dad's! Especially to my Dad and the Daddy of Taylor Jane! They are both such wonderful men that I love so very much! I am so lucky to have both these men in my life for so many different reasons! My Dad was always so very supportive in everything I ever did. He was my biggest fan while I was playing basketball and NEVER missed a game! He was one to keep track off all my "stats" and tell me how well I did, and never comment when I was in a bad mood after a loss (which was "almost" every game...we weren't very good) He is and always will be there for me no matter what!

Troy is a wonderful husband and father. This is a very hard time of year to get some relaxing "all of us together time" but when it happens it is wonderful. Troy usually always (unless he is @ water) gets up and gets Taylor out of bed in the mornings. Taylor loves to just sit and hang with him at the computer. Such a fun dad, but she will definitely be "disciplined" and "unspoiled". We both have the same opinion on how our children should be raised/act so it is super easy to parent and rear them in the same direction. I love that he is one that holds the Priesthood and give us blessings whenever we need one. We love you "Daaaa" (as Taylor sometimes says :p)

Here are some pictures before church-Taylor was a little more cooperative when Troy was behind the camera! You can tell in one of the pictures with Troy that he still has some signs of his Bell's Palsy!

We had a somewhat relaxing day-
I am awful, but I hate and never really cook "warm" breakfasts. Taylor and I ate before Troy got home from water and he ended up making his own egg omelets. I am bad I know! For a present, Troy requested a new lens for the camera but "Father's Day present price range" wasn't enough to buy one that he wanted. So he decided to save that money and put it towards a lens. I am not that awful so Taylor and I got him a couple shirts and a pair of shorts...his favorite shorts are from D.I. and it drives me crazy that there is a hole in the crotch but he still wears them! Don't worry...they don't "reveal" anything! He hardly ever buys clothes for himself, only D.I. and once in a while Target. So I try to buy things here and there for him.

After an hour extra before and half hour extra after church, we headed to my parents for a BBQ. Melissa and I made a shirt with our kids' hand prints on it for Dad and we added my brother Jason's two kids at the BBQ. Can you tell from the picture how easy it was getting the kids to play in paint and not get it all over the rest of the shirt?! I got too confident with Taylor's first hand print because it was perfect, that I got "sloppy" with the second and she moved her little fingers together... still turned out though. My dad is so proud of all his grand kids that I think (going off his reaction) he really liked the "personal" feel of the shirt. After my parents it was off to Troy's parents (sometimes it would be so easy to live away from both parents and then alternate holidays so you actually have time to spend the whole time with one! But I love having both here too!)

At the BBQ the jeep was the hit of the party, even when the battery was dead...they just pushed it around. There is one picture of my MOM pushing Taylor and Ashton around. Such a nice Grandma! :)
It was a fun full day. Now the wind needs to stop blowing and summer weather needs to come and stay!

6 of the 16 Grand kids and 1 Great were there.

Taylor will always be surrounded by little boys in this family!

..........only one week until I leave for Canada!!! Troy says he needs a vacation from this awful, windy, stressful year-maybe he should join us!?

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Lotz Family said...

The before pictures of church are adorable! I love all the expressions Troy caught of you and Taylor. Glad you had a good Father's Day!