Saturday, June 02, 2007

Jury Duty

I have (again) been summoned for jury duty. I was last year around this time, but I was still nursing Taylor so I was excused. I was also summoned the year I graduated and was excused because I was going to school in Logan. Not only is it jury duty but it is the BIG ONE! Instead of reporting to a court in Rupert, I have to go to Pocatello! I actually might be able to "delay" it because I have to start calling on June 29th and on the 25th I am leaving for Canada and won't return until the 3rd! I really don't want to go to Pocatello!!! ;( In the letter it says that when I go in for selection I have to bring up to a weeks worth of clothes! Now, what am I suppose to do with Taylor!?? I can't leave her for a week! And WHEN I do it has to be for something a Mexico trip! :) I am really depressed about this whole thing! I should have just "pumped" and served when I was summoned for a local court! ERR

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Lotz Family said...

Oh, I hope you get excused!!!