Thursday, May 31, 2007

Mmmmm Oreos!

Taylor likes the Mini cookies that you can find while standing in line at the store. Today we got oreos. Since the car is still having problems with the mice, she had to wait until we got home to eat any. She usually just carries around the container and eats a cookie here and there...I never find any messes with any of the other cookies. Well, this is how I found her! She would pull apart the oreos and eat the centers then throw the cookie parts on the ground. It's like the commercials! :) Some of the filling-less cookies she would feed to Troy. The others, would go back into the container once she finished all the cream out of them (I didn't give her the entire container! Just a few, the others went into a baggie for later use!) She is so weird! Gotta love her!

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