Wednesday, May 30, 2007

"Play Pretend"

One of my fondest memories growing up was playing with my cousin Karlee. We would come up with some fun and amusing games! My favorite though was "Bank". Her window in her room was the type where you had to turn the handle and crank it open. That became our "Bank Teller" window. We could play that forever! That and run through her mom's "greenhouse/sunroom" in the middle of the house when we weren't suppose too! Anyway, Taylor has started in the pretend playing...already! The other day while she was taking a bath she was standing by the faucet and I see her picking at something. She then turns and hands it to me. I open my hand expecting something to actually be placed into my hand...there wasn't. She did this several times until I ask her what she is doing, then she laughs and starts playing with something that is actually there. Then there is the already blogged baby/stroller/carrier and her sweet kisses to her naked baby (I don't know why she won't play with them in clothes!) Today while we were shopping with Grandma, she started doing the pretend thing. My mom likes to push the "purse holder/cart" so of course she gets the baby. Taylor reaches out to hand her something and of course nothing. My mom starts to laugh and plays along with her. It's so fun to watch her little imagination start to bloom at such a young age!

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