Friday, May 04, 2007

Not so much of a helper girl

Taylor helped me again with dinner tonight. Only she wasn't much help at all! Last time she just stood there, but tonight she really wanted to help!

*She loved the spray in the bottom of the pan so much that she was constantly rubbing her hands in it then smearing it on herself and the counter.
*Over half of my lasagna noodles were broken in half because she like to throw them around. The ones that were not broken she would steal out of the pan and break them to match all the others.
*She didn't want me to put any cheese on, just wanted to have it all to herself to eat. I put a little bit of cheese in a baggie for her to munch out of and when I opened the drawer to get out the tin foil she dumped it all in there.
*She almost fell off the chair twice reaching for the pan, when she finally got ahold of it she would pull so hard it would almost fall on the floor.
*When she was standing at the sink she figured out how to get the spoon just right under the water to make it spray everywhere, including herself.
*Her favorite thing to do was stick the spoon down the disposal-especially when it was on or shutting off.
*Once again almost fell off the chair reaching for the dish rag or the pan scrubber.
*There was alot of shredded cheese on the chair to begin with that when she added the water plus her little feet stomping it in, I really had to scrub to clean off the chair.
*When I finally took her down off the chair she threw a total fit (that is why I didn't take her down sooner) that she wouldn't stop crying unless I handed her the broom to sweep herself.

It was quite the event. But dinner is made and cooking, cheese is cleaned up, Taylor is drying off and the floors are swept so no biggie. :)

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Lotz Family said...

Way to have a good attitude! I haven't really let Kate "help" me with dinner yet because I know she would just be naughty and make it 10 times harder and messier... and I really hate messes!