Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all you Mothers out there! Troy got me what I really wanted (I gave him a few items to choose from)...
A kitchen faucet PLUS installation!

A little crazy wanting something for the house, but the one we had would drip all the time (down and to the right...only way for it not to drip!). He gave it to me Saturday evening and even installed it! Couldn't stress the installation more! It was actually one of the easiest "fixer upper jobs" that he has ever done in this house. Old man Asson did some pretty interesting things that it's never just a few minutes fix. It turns into hours and more $$ later!
This morning Troy had to move water so there was no "Mother's Day sleeping in" for me! I was up at 6:30! There was a poopy diaper change though! Oh, the things that make us happy! :) Taylor fell asleep before church so that meant no nap during! I think I walked the loop of the church about 50 times today! I have never had to leave church early with her and she was so bad I was pretty tempted today! Good thing Primary was last and we just did sharing time and singing time because it helped entertain her until the end! Two months and counting until she can go into Nursery! LOL
My family came over for dinner this evening so it was a full house. It is so fun to spend time with my family and watch Taylor interact with her cousins! They all live close, but rarely are we all together at the same time. Overall it was a good day and I should be downstairs working on some stuff for AJ's Bow-tique, but Mother's day isn't over yet and I just want to sit in some silence for now! :)

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Lotz Family said...

Happy Mother's Day! And I love getting stuff for my house, so thats totally not a weird gift!