Monday, May 14, 2007

12 Become 13

All last week Taylor was a little crankier than usual. I assumed it was from getting her shots and thought nothing of it. Saturday morning as I was fighting with her to change a poopy diaper I saw it...another tooth! Her first canine tooth is poking it's little head through! That makes 13 teeth! Four front (top and bottom) and all four 15 month molars. She is getting a mouth full! It amazes me how independent she has become when it comes to her food. She doesn't like when I cut things up so a majority of her food is whole and put on a plate for her to tear into herself. Now that I see that she has been teething I can give her some teething medicine and help make her a little happier! :)

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Lotz Family said...

I can't believe she has that many teeth! Oh my gosh! Kate still only has 4... top two and bottom two. I asked the ped. yesterday if thats bad and it said it's nothing to worry about. I just want her to hurry and get this teething over with!