Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Crocs & Squeaky Shoes

I LOVE shoes! I am currently loving for myself the new Mary Jane style Crocs. They are so incredibly comfortable! I never really liked the "neutral" men/women style that came out awhile ago but when my sister was here in March I fell in love, when we went and tried some on I was debating between the popular style or go with the mary janes! I ended up finding some brown mary janes online and bought them. Since I have gotten them I have had to make sure I wear something brown everyday so I can wear them! I found an AWESOME deal on e-bay for a pair of black ones so now I am set! :)

The shoes I love for Taylor these days are her squeaky shoes! With each step she takes they let out a little squeak so I know where she is at. I especially love them when we are outside! It comforts me to be able to hear her walking around as we are playing in the park or just in our backyard. The other day I went to a scrap book store and they had a little "caged" area for kids so I stuck her in there. The whole time I was looking around I could her her walking around, when the squeaks would stop I would take a peek at her! Here is a short video clip of her walking around in them today. It's not the best because I had to use my camera instead of the video camera to get it. I couldn't get the computer to recognize the camcorder! HHMMM...anyway-I love the T strap shoes for her and got another killer deal on 2 more pairs off e-bay! They aren't that much to start with, but if you are patient you can get them cheap! I did find out the tennis shoes and T strap styles run small. The sandals run big! It's also nice to know that the squeakers can be taken out to make them quiet!

Taylor was being funny when I was taking pictures so I had to share with you all! :)

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deidra said...

I saw the squeaky shoes on some show awhile ago. I couldn't imagine that it would be nice to have your kid squeaking around constantly, but I guess I can see the benefits now.