Saturday, May 12, 2007

All Tuckered Out

Yesterday I asked Troy if I could PLEASE mow the lawn. He decided that we can turn off the sprinklers for the night and morning watering and I could that afternoon. I was so excited. Taylor and I went into town and when we returned Troy was out mowing the yard! Yea! Here are a few pictures of some unmowed and mowed grass-it was ridiculous!

Troy wasn't quite finished when he had to run and do some stuff on the farm. On his way back home he called and told me to get Taylor ready and she can come ride with him. I lathered her up in sunscreen (she got WAY too much sun the day before on our play date with my friend Wendi and her kids!), got a hat on her head and met Troy outside.

I went inside and was doing some stuff around the house. I looked out the window about 15 minutes later to see her sweet little head flopping around! Of course I took pictures before I got her off and brought her inside!


Karlee said...

That is so cute!

Pugmires said...

That is so funny. The loud lawn mower seems like the last place a kid would fall asleep. And your yard looks nice.