Sunday, April 29, 2007

Primary Update

Today was the day I handed out next month's talk and scripture/prayer list. I decided to go with the calender for the whole month (which included phone numbers in case people need to switch and possible subs!) Every Mom that I handed the list to and explained what I was doing thanked me! I guess they hated me calling them as bad as I HATED calling! Yea! So now we will have to see if people actually remember! It is actually a very good feeling not having to worry about it for another month! I will go to Primary prepared just in case! I am going to just copy off a short story and keep it with me at all times and if someone forgets I can give them that! I am so smart! :)

1 comment:

Lotz Family said...

I would way rather get a paper at home than a phone call. Good job! It's easier for both parties involved!