Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Little Man

This kid.
He makes me laugh. All the time. Yet he manages to drive me absolutely crazy at the same time.

I was going through some pictures on the CF card and came across these. We had just brought home some new kitties (I believe we brought home 4 and we currently only have 1 of those 4 still around!) Nothing screams "quite the character" than a nice hot pink headband!

Parker is constantly dressing up and saying the funniest things.

One night Troy and I were cleaning up dinner and Parker was still playing/hanging out at the kitchen table. He lets out a nice big toot. Instead of the "Excuse me" that should have been said Parker says, "Dad!"
He gets it from his Dad. :)

(They are watching the crop duster spray the potatoes in the field....)

He went through a phase where all he wanted was "Rapunzel hair." Here was his way of getting the long hair. Usually it was this left over piece of minkee he found in my sewing room garbage, but a scarf would do just as good....

Even though he has turned into ALL BOY (TROY) we still love him so much!
Because really, how could you not love this little face?? Messy with food and all!

Oh, and he also likes to run around in the nude. And thinks it's super funny....


Erin L said...

He is so cute! He looks just the same at (almost) 4 that he did at 2 when we left. Adorable.

Melissa said...

Ha! What a cutie!