Saturday, March 24, 2012

4 Months

Oh how the time is flying by!
Four Months. I can't believe it.

Our 4 month pics went better than her 3 months. It probably had a little something to do with timing. This time I waited until AFTER her morning nap instead of right before :)

The little stinker is such a smiley little baby, but when I am trying to take her picture she refuses to smile! It could be she can't see my face! She hears me but all she sees is a camera and a big flash! :)

I had Parker stand next to me and talk to her and that did the trick!
Have you noticed what is the same in every picture?
She LOVES her fingers! She is always playing with them! Not to mention the front of her shirt is always sopping wet with drool!

Out of all the pictures I took I did get one or two without a hand in her mouth:

And what's a photo shoot with out the other two always wanting to join in?

I made Taylor hold her hand out of her mouth! Don't you love Parker's face! hahha

After I was done with Paige I let Parker jump in-

And Taylor had to also-even though she is 1 day post surgery

Not much has changed since I last wrote about her. Maybe in a month I can add to the list :)

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