Saturday, November 05, 2011

{Halloween 2011}

This Halloween was rather easy for me.
About 6 weeks ago while browsing the costume racks at D.I. I spotted a bumble bee outfit for Taylor and there wasn't any convincing her to where it for Halloween. Score!
All I had to buy was the tights, wings & headband. I guess I bought a black long sleeve shirt to go under too :)

Then about 2 weeks later Parker told me he wanted to wear his monkey costume that we have owned for about a year now (picked up at a yard sale!) No convincing me!

Costumes done. :)

On Halloween day I made the kids a little 'spooky' lunch. Parker thought it was hilarious when I was putting the 'teeth' into his apples.

I don't think he really realized that the white 'noodle brains' were actually string cheese. His reaction to Taylor:

We went to our ward trunk or treat then to our good friends house to have homemade donuts and let the kids run around. I was a bad manager of time early in the afternoon.......
A nap for me & the kids trumped hauling the kids around to family before the trunk or treat. I blame it on being 9 months pregnant. :)
Regardless the kids that Halloween was awesome.
Taylor did inform me during the trunk or treat that I needed to make her & Parker bigger trick or treat bags for next year because her bucket filled up way too soon.......


Deidra said...

Cute kids! They made it easy on their pregnant mama.

Taylor and her ketchup... And I love Parker's face. Haha.

Leisa Moulton said...

Parker's reaction is priceless! Too funny!