Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Parker {Preschool 2011}

Cute little Parker T gets to go to preschool two times a week.
The only reason I am sending him this year to school is because he needs to go to speech therapy.
With him testing into the school district preschool he also gets to ride the bus to and from school.

Don't worry, I am not sending him on the bus with all the older kids.
This is the 'preschool only' (short bus). There is the driver, one aide, ONLY preschoolers (on Monday there were 5 in his class) and there are seat belts (Taylor's reaction to Parker's bus having seat belts & not her bus was priceless!)

He leaves for school 20 minutes after Taylor and gets back 20 minutes after I pick Taylor up and return home.

Here he is first day all ready to go (sort of). I took him to school the first day and made him ride the bus home. Today was his second day and he went to and from on the bus. I think with a little time he will be a little more comfortable going on the bus without him Mom. :)

Me: Parker, Move the paper so I can see your face.

Parker: What Mom?

Parker: No paper Mom!

Parker: Get my baby Puppy!

Then he was done. He didn't want to hold the paper or stand still for that matter. At least it captures his little personality!

He is growing up a little too fast! I think it really hit me this week how big he was getting because he is now potty trained (3 weeks no accidents out of 3.5 weeks of the whole potty training process! Go Parker!) and going to school....on a bus.

It was a little weird to go to my Dr.'s appointment and get my hair cut and I didn't have to worry about finding someone to watch the kids while I was out! Mondays & Wednesdays have now officially become "Get stuff done in the mornings, kids free day!"


Nate Sarah Cooper and Hank said...

how exciting for you!!! No kids at least until the little one arrives right? I didnt know about Parkers speech, did he take a long time to talk at all? I am just wondering because Hank just turned 2 and he doesnt talk at all except for mommy and daddy. The doctors tell me not to worry, but I cant help but wonder if he will ever speak.

Alisha Jane said...

At age 2 he was hardly talking. He had tubes put in his ears @ 14 months and the ENT asked about his speech then. I brushed it off and he asked again at 2.5 years. Taylor took a while to talk, but Parker was very delayed. I took the offer by the ENT to get him tested with the speech therapist @ the hospital and he was very low. He had to get retested with the school preschool and he was -7%! I don't know about your state but in Idaho, if they are under 3 speech therapy is free and they came to our home, then when he turned 3, the state 'turned him over' to the school district (Preschool) to continue. It is all free through the government so you might want to look into it for little Hank!