Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Our cute little Taylor Jane started Kindergarten yesterday.
She has been looking forward to this day since she did the Kindergarten testing last spring!

I gave her a choice of me taking her the first day of school or her riding the bus. The bus won.
But I did feel better when we picked her up and she told me the bus was too noisy, her feet wouldn't touch the ground, no one sat next to her, she kept sliding off the seat and she didn't have a seat belt....only the bus driver!
She then asked me this morning if I would take her to school. Nope. Sorry Missy. You had your chance! :) She better learn to love it, come 7:25 am all year round she will be getting on that bus!

Today was a different experience. I think she was just a little too nervous yesterday that every little thing was just wrong in her opinion.
Today she sat with one of the girls in her class, she didn't complain about the noise, or her feet being able to touch. She loved it.

Meet Scratchy.

No time outside is spent with out one of the two kids hauling this poor cat around. Sometimes the poor thing is being hauled upside down while in Parker's arms but Scratchy still lets the kids catch her/him (I haven't looked at the gender....)

I did shed a few tears, but I survived. Now this coming Monday I will probably cry again, because it will be Parker's turn to go to pre-school. What will I ever do with two mornings a week will all that time just to myself??!?!??

I am sure I will find something. :)


The Gammons said...

I have to say, Taylor is quite the cutie!!!

gizcallyomom said...

Her hair is SO beautiful! Very cute about the bus!