Monday, July 18, 2011

Baby #3

I guess it is about time I post something about the new little baby we are expecting.

If you haven't already heard/read the news on facebook Baby #3 will be making it's arrival to our family mid-late November. (Official due date is Dec. 1, but I have yet to make it to my due date with either of my kids). So I am going with November :)

All four of us piled into the ultrasound room last week and we were able to see this cute little face:

Going into the ultrasound, both Taylor and Parker were dead set on wanting a little girl. We had to keep reminding Taylor that it might be a boy. She didn't like that idea.
She did whisper to Troy during the ultrasound that she would be okay if it were a boy or a girl. So that was comforting that she would have been 'ok' with a boy.

But she didn't have to settle. A few minutes in, the tech announced it was a girl and from then on you would hear random giggles and squeals of delight coming from the older {very excited} big sister. Then she wanted to go home :)

The money shot:

It's a GIRL!The tech said this little one was not shy about revealing that she was a girl. I like to think because she constantly had her feet up by her face or curled up so tight, it wouldn't be very hard to see she was a girl :)

Right before we left one of the last images we saw were of her curled so tightly into a ball that her feet were by her head. As you were looking at her 'calves' you saw her little head peaking between her two legs!
Maybe we have a little gymnast on our hands?!??!?!

And, then there is what Mommy (aka Me) looks like at 20 weeks:

A few facts about this pregnancy:

*I have been SICK! I can count on one hand for BOTH Taylor and Parker's pregnancy how many times I threw up....three. With this one, it's a pretty safe bet to say just about every night leading up to week 18! I have been getting better though. A few nights I feel fine, then a bad night.

*From the moment we found out we were pregnant, I always had a feeling it was a girl. Then I started doubting my feeling the week before the ultrasound. Maybe I was trying to convince myself that a boy would be 'ok' also :) Just kidding, I would have been completely fine with either gender. But I am excited it's a girl! :)

*I have heard alot that three kids is extremely hard. I had a hard time adjusting to two kids. So I am pretty much terrified of having three! At least the other two are older. Taylor will be just shy of 6 and Parker will be 3.5.

*We have no idea on names. Clueless.

*I am 98.9% certain this is our last. There is something about gaining/losing the baby weight AND losing your body for 9 months that I hate. But I do love being able to feel the baby move and to nurse. I just love being able to stay at home and nurse my babies. Call me crazy.

*This is my first baby that I was 'bigger' in the summer. Thus, when my regular clothes started getting too tight I didn't own a single pair of maternity capris/shorts. With Taylor I would have just suffered and continue to squeeze into regular clothes, but knowing the comfort of those stretch waistbands I wasn't afraid to go maternity with the first sign of discomfort :)

*I am planning on a non-epidural delivery. Parker's delivery was a lot easier than Taylor's and the recovery was like night & day. But we will see how it goes when the time comes and this one decides to take longer entering the world than Parker did :)

And since I never got around to posting the previous preggo pics I made Troy take of me here is week 12 and 16:

Week 12:
Taken the night of Taylor's dance recital.

Week 16:

Troy felt a little left out, (and I am sure will kill me for posting this picture!) but it makes me laugh that he needed his picture too :) I kept his face in the picture because you can totally tell he is mocking me and acting like a goof ball (and sticking his stomach out?!?!?!)

Love you Troy :)


Deidra said...

Your belly is way cuter than Troy's.

I'm glad your starting to feel better and hope that the occasional yucky night goes away soon!

Hooray for little girls!

Nicole said...

How exciting for your family! I am happy that Taylor is so happy. I hope you are feeling better now. Being sick is no fun. Being sick with two kids is a nightmare. Congrats!

Troy said...

Why would I hate that picture???

I think I have a sexy glow about me.

Nate Sarah Cooper and Hank said...

Congrats!!! I must be totally out of the loop cause I had no idea! I am excited for you.

Erin L said...

You are TINY! I've been pretty small this pregnancy, but I'm sure I was bigger @ 20 weeks than that...

I am so excited for you!

Amber said...


Jenni said...

Congratulations! I'm excited for you guys. And you are looking awesome for being 20 weeks. I thought you were suppose to be huge at this point with your 3rd.