Monday, July 26, 2010

Saying Goodbye to the Larsen family

A good friend of mine & her cute little family moved back east to start med. school.
The only right thing to do was throw a going away BBQ party for them! :)

Instead of hamburgers & hot dogs we made shish kabobs. They were delish!

After the food was gone, the little kids started in on a water fight.....

But us parents ended it when the water was gone and they started cracking open the pop cans.

Picture of all the little kids.....

And of the ladies. I am so glad I am friends with all these ladies. They are all just so wonderful!

Taylor & Ana

These two always had their moments. I never knew if they were going to get along or not. A week or so before they left, Ana came over and stayed the night.

These two were up until 11 just laughing and giggling away. When they finally did fall asleep it was in the same bed and Taylor wasn't very happy when she woke up the next morning to find out we moved her back into her own bed.
Sunday as we were pulling up to church Taylor asked me if Ana was going to be there, when I told her no, she informed me, "I miss Ana." So sweet. I am constantly having to remind Taylor that they moved far away and that Ana won't be at the place where we are going. I think she is really going to miss her in dance this year too....

Me & Erin

I am going to miss Erin a lot. She was the one that met me three times a week to run with me at the beginning of the year when I first started all my training for my races.
We got to sit and talk every Tuesday afternoon while our girls danced away.
She was also the one that drove into my field and gave us such a great laugh for our freezing cold 5K together! Erin, you will never live it down about that day of the race! ;)

Good luck with Med. school Dave & when you are done, don't forget to bring your cute little family BACK TO IDAHO! :)
We will miss you guys!


Erin L said...

awww... We will miss you guys too. On Sunday Ana was a little nervous about being in a visiting primary and I totally wished we were back in rupert 2nd ward. Ana and taylor look so grown up in that picture!

megan said...

you look great alisha!!!

hey is one of those girls in the pic named cortney? she looks like my cousin...just curious :-)

Alisha Jane said...

Thanks Megan! :)
And yes, one of the girls name is Courtney! It really is a small world!