Tuesday, March 23, 2010

{Another} New Addition(s)

Back in September I posted about a new addition to our family.

Since then, one day while out feeding good ol' Snow White. I noticed something.

There was two of them. Identical. Both gray. Both very wild and ran from me.

Who knows how long we actually had two cats and just kept seeing one, then maybe seeing the other not realizing we actually could be seeing two entirely different cats.

So we were fine with two.
Still not knowing the gender, Taylor named the other one Cinderella.

Fast forward to about two weeks ago. I went in the barn to see how we were doing on cat food. I knew one was outside the barn (that is what reminded me to go check them) and when I went inside I saw the other.

It was FAT.
Not just gaining weight because it was eating too much fat, but pregnant fat.

Troy saw the Momma a few days ago and agreed. It was going to have kittens.
And soon.

This afternoon, I was curious to see if we had any new kittens. I went in search.
I heard them.

But searched every corner of the barn. No luck.
Then I took a chance and climbed up into the barn rafters.

Sure enough. I saw a box, with the Momma's head sticking out the top.

I crawled my way towards her and sure enough (as she jumped and ran away from me) there they were.

Six to be exact. New ones too.
Now, I don't like cats but these kittens were cute....something innocent and cute about 'newborns' :)

After getting my camera and making my back up to them, I was being watched while I took pictures. She still wouldn't let me touch her, but this was the closest she has ever let me get to her.

And then again after I climbed down and was leaving....

If anyone wants a kitten (or two) in the close future, let me know. We will have some to give away.

P.S. Isn't our barn the greatest, non-ghetto barn around?!?!? :) It's old, really old. Give me a break! LOL

P.S.S. I guess we now know we have one female and one male cat. Great. Lots of kittens......they are both good mousers so I am not getting rid of "Mommy" or "Daddy" just kiddos. ;P
The Dad is our Cinderella, hahahhaha


Natalie Gottwald said...

When I was growing up, we would have strays that had kittens and it was so much fun! Your kids will love it too for the short time they have with them, because they will have to get used to people and all!!! I am like you too, I don't like cats now, especially in the house, but the little kittens are so cute!!

Melissa said...

You have a boy cat named Cinderella and we have a girl cat named Bob. Wow I can't wait to see what Ashton and Taylor come up with when they name their own kids. :)

Karlee said...

Just to let you know. Cats can become pregnant shortly after giving birth (~2wks or so).... You might want to consider trapping the mom and getting her spayed before your barn houses 100s of them. LOL.