Thursday, September 03, 2009

A New Addition

We have a problem here out on the farm.

We added a new addition to our home to help solve the problem.

I am not a fan, but if it helps.

We tried for three, but only one stayed.


This afternoon after feeding the new little one, I asked Taylor what we should name it. I don't know if it's a boy or a girl, but it's name is "Snow White." It's not white either. It's gray.

You can't squash the name given by a three year old.
So Snow White it is.

It's very wild ( stays away from me=less annoying!), and watches from a far while you are giving it it's food. Then waits until you are long gone before it eats.

I thought Takoda might kill it, but so far she has pretty much left him/her alone. :)

Hopefully this will take care of the mice in the cars problem.

Gross I know.


Melissa said...

I didn't realize you weren't a fan of cats. I like kitties. :) Hopefully the yucky mice will stay away now that Snow White has come to!

Alisha Jane said...

I am just okay with little ones. But I would rather have a dog than a cat hands down!

deidra said...

Maybe Tameka needs a cat. She has a mouse in the car problem, too! Icky!