Sunday, January 31, 2010

Rain Boots

My sister Gina sent Taylor some cute red rain boots, lady bug umbrella and rain coat for her birthday.

She loves those boots.

(Right before her birthday party...eating dinner)

So did Parker. So much that they were fighting constantly over who got to wear the boots. Because of all the fighting, Gina sent Parker his very own pair.

They are little giraffes and they are so extremely adorable!

Who knew rain boots could be so fun?!?!?

Thanks Gina! :)


The Goldade's said...

Hey! I want to use Photoshop for scrapbooking, greeting cards, photo editing, and changing up my photos (like with script on the photo, borders, funky stuff like that!)...I'd love any suggestions!!

SAYDA said...

They are so cute! Aubrey use to love rain boots. She would take them everywhere.

Robnz Fam said...

Such cute kiddies.

So I had asked Seth to watch Emi for me before his meeting so I could run over to primary and drop some things off. I was gone about 10 minutes, came back and Seth had already gone to his meeting. So I waited a little bit, then decided to just go into his meeting and get Emi for him because I knew she would be impatient in the meeting. I walk in to get her and no Emi. Right then he had remembered that she ran into the Bishop's office to get some candy, and while she was in there he had forgotten all about it and went to his meeting. So, a very very long 30 or 40 minutes later, we found Emi. It was such a horrible experience, I'm still so clingy to her, and can't stop thinking about it. But, we are so so blessed that she was ok. She had been shut in a different Bishop's office and couldn't get out. But, there was a candy bowl in that office, so I'm sure she was just loving life :0).

Emilyjo said...

To cute!!! So when are we going to see your pictures from Mexico?