Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Birthday Celebrations

It only took me two weeks, but my days are going by so fast it feels like yesterday!

Taylor had a wonderful birthday, surrounded by loving family members.

The day before the party, she received one of her presents from me: a new apron.
Just in time for the cake making process.

She loved it and was so excited to make her Princess castle cake. She just didn't have the patience to let the cakes cool.

The finished cake:

And the birthday girl:

ALL her presents were either Barbie related or My Little Pony.
Two of her favorite things.

Troy's gift to her was the kitchen cupboards for her barbie house. Maybe someday I will get around to posting it and getting the pictures off the other camera of her opening presents :)

I still can't believe she is {FOUR!}

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Nate Sarah Cooper and Hank said...

What a cute cake! I cant believe she is four as well!! What a cute birthday girl