Sunday, December 27, 2009

New Barbie Doll House

As requested, Taylor received a doll house for Christmas.
I wanted drawers below to store all the Barbie stuff we have accumulated over the last year (Barbie is very loved these days!)

Troy did a wonderful job (as he always does on things he builds!) Hardwood flooring, tile in the bathroom, wood threshold between rooms, window dormers....I could go on with how wonderful it is, but the pictures are good enough.

I wanted the bedroom and kitchen cabinets in by Christmas, but when the deadline was fast approaching, kitchen stuff got put on the 'to do' list. Birthday to do list.

The bed was made and better than I ever imagined. I made Taylor new bedding for her room, so out of the leftover scraps, bedding was made to match Barbie's bed. :)

Next big project on Troy's list Parker's bed.....


deidra said...

It looks a lot like the doll house Santa Patrice built me a long time ago. Though she didn't get as intricate and detailed.

But once Whit and I started "decorating" the place, I'm sure she would have cringed to see stickers and crayons on fancy woodwork. Though I did love the wall paper and stencils on the wall that matched my peach and dusty blue bunny room. Oooh, la la-- classy.

Melissa said...

Wow it came out great! Where is the world are you going to put it?

SAYDA said...

He did a great job! I love it!

Robnz Fam said...

What a dream come true for little Taylor Jane. Who, is not so little anymore. No worries about the phone message Alisha! We will see each other soon enough. And I'm glad you remembered me ;0)...hehe!