Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Who's that {cute} little Girl?!?!?

Oh wait, it's our son Parker T. :)

After a few public poop leakages, you would think I would put some extra BOY clothes in my car or at least the diaper bag.
But I haven't.

The week of Burley fair, Parker had a big accident so he got to go to the Cassia fair sporting a pair of his sister's denim capris with a cute butterfly on the back pocket and pink stitching. Cute.

And I ONLY had those because I had some spare clothes in the trunk from Taylor's potty training days....

Fast forward about a week and while visiting Warren & Patrice he had another accident.
This time he got to take a bath (much better then being washed off in the bathroom sink at Papa Kelsey's!) and come home in his cousin's pink pajamas....thanks for the rental Delanie! ;)

The next morning I think he was a little embarrassed that he was wearing pink.

He wouldn't come closer to me so Taylor went to him....Both my girls in pink....Oh wait... :)

But always so happy...

Today, while at the park was another accident and having NO other clothes available we ran to the store and had to buy a pair of shorts.

I will get some spare clothes placed into my trunk....eventually.


deidra said...

I tell Nik I want to dress up Linc in pink and put a big flower headband on his noggin. He'd make the cutest little girl, but she doesn't go for it.

karisa said...

I thought the jammies looked familiar. Glad they were available.