Monday, April 27, 2009

{First} Bike

Last week a Princess bike was purchased for Taylor Jane. The bike had to be purchased online (cheaper and available) so Taylor (we) anxiously waited for the UPS man to drive up to our house.

Today was the day! Taylor was so excited when I told her her package was here!

She hasn't quite got the coordination of steering, looking up (not at her feet) and not pushing her feet back to the brake. But she is getting better and with a little nice weather so we can ride outside she will be a pro before no time.

By this evening, I finally convinced Taylor to let me attach the basket/bell/streamers that we had purchased last week that she has grown attached to as just 'toys' and not bike accessories.

I think she decided the basket was easier than the frustrating zipper bag and I think it just looks 'cuter' :)

She even requested calling Papa (my dad) to tell him about her new bike.


THE CALLS said...

Oh my! She has a big girl bike!!!
I love that cute basket. I bet she loves putting her little treasures in there.

She is so beautiful!

Melissa said...

What a cute bike! We will have to go for some bike rides at grandma and papa's house.

Jen Anderson said...

Cute bike for a cute girl! Sky is growing out of her princess bike, however she is not quite ready to leave it behind . . . and neither am I!