Thursday, February 12, 2009

Want a Mr. Pony?!?!?

I know I write a lot about Mr. Pony, but really he is involved in EVERYTHING these days.
From climbing on counters, washing hands, doing hair (her favorite spot!) to hanging other toys from.

Since Taylor loves him so much I decided I was going to get one of the other animals for Parker's birthday. Because I KNOW Taylor won't be sharing Mr. Pony with her brother when he is older!

When I looked at them online a few weeks back I wanted to get him the elephant. I didn't do anything about it, but yesterday I looked again. ALL the other animals were on sale for $15 bucks!

The elephants were gone, so he will be getting a Lion for his first birthday!
If you do site to store shipping is free! Can't beat that! :)


Nicole said...

Yes, yes, yes! I am totally getting Aidan one too. Thanks Alisha!

megan said...

super fun! thanks for the tip

Bradbury Trio said...

Wow! For 15 buckaroos!? That's awesome! I think I might have to buy one for Nick, Lexi and myself!!

Your blog always looks adorable, and your kiddos are getting so big and just as beautiful and handsome as ever! I need to check in more often! Have a Happy Velentines day!

Over the moon said...

No Way!! I have to get one of those for Emi!!! I LOVE THOSE!!! Thanks Alisha!

Parker, 9 months?! So cute. So that kid's smile!