Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Future Crafter

I was in charge of putting together the Primary Birthday presents.

Which means I was in charge of painting 25 boards, gluing on 25 pieces of metal, and attaching 25 vinyl lettering phrases.

I put Parker down for a nap yesterday morning and told myself to "Just get it done!" So I pulled out my paint and brushes. As soon as Taylor saw what I was doing she was SO EXCITED to paint. I hadn't even moved the boards over to the table when she was doing it for me (all weekend long I kept telling her we needed to paint the boards that were piled on the floor).

She was so excited I couldn't really tell her no, so I gave her a brush and let her help. She actually did a pretty good job! At first she would work on one board and I would take it before the paint would dry too much to 'smooth' it out, but she got bored with that, especially after watching me go through multiple boards.

(She is a little OCD about getting messy, so of course we had to
have a wet rag handy to wipe off her hands periodically!)

So, we found a system.
She would get a board, I would squirt some paint on top, she would smooth it out then pass it off to me to do the sides and fix the top. Repeat. It made the process go by pretty fast!

It is nice having her 'old' enough to understand and be able to help me with a project.

She was a little mad last night when I wouldn't let her put the glue on the metal or place the vinyl and 'touch up' the paint this afternoon. But none the less she had fun helping me paint.

I think I have created a little crafter. That's okay, give her a few years and she can help me make bows! :)

End Result:


Melissa said...

That is so cool that she was helping you. My boys would be painting everything but the boards. Great job Taylor!

The Wayments said...

Those turned out so cute. They kids are going to love them. Looks like Taylor was a way better help than I would have been. Hopefully this baby will come soon and then I can focus on something else!!!

Emilyjo said...

Those boards are way cute-good job Taylor!

Hey lish, where do you usually buy your flowers and stuff for headbands and bows. Also where did you get that roll of mesh for the tutu? I just bought mine by the yard and that was a much bigger pain to cut.

megan said...

they turned out super cute...props to the helper :-)
and major props to you...25..wow