Sunday, January 04, 2009


My recent calling at church for the last few years has been Primary Secretary.

I LOVED that calling. It worked great with the little munchkins (especially now nursing Parker) and it was wonderful to get to know the younger kids in the ward.

Today the Primary was reorganized. We knew our time was coming, but the process was pushed along a little faster due to the recent President and her family moving into another home/ward.

I remained in the Presidency though.

I am now the First Counselor and am scared to death having to teach sharing time! Up until now, I only had to teach it on the 5th Sunday (so every few months) and that was enough for me to sweat HUGE bullets!
Now I will either do it a whole month at a time or at least once a month (still undecided how the Presidency wants to do it).

It amazes me how I am in the 'same organization' but I have {completely} different responsibilities. I keep telling myself it will be a great learning experience. I hope so.

On another note: All of Taylor's friends from Nursery all met the deadline to move up to Sunbeams. I am sad that she missed it by just a couple weeks. Now she will be a few weeks shy of her 4th birthday before she can move out of Nursery.
Dang January Birthdays! :) But at least the first few months Parker is old enough to enter Nursery he will have his Big Sis in there to show him the ropes and (most likely) pick on him. :)


Nikkala said... is a great help for sharing times. Bentley was sad he left his friends behind when he went to Sunbeams today. I don't know if it is worse to be the oldest or the youngest in the class.

THE CALLS said...

I was thinking today when we got the new Sunbeams that my little grandson moved to Sunbeams today too. Every time I saw the little ones I kept thinking of him making that big transition. That's too bad Taylor missed it by a couple of weeks. Congrats on your new calling. I don't like conducting or sharing time either. I get too nervous. Aubrey is always reminding me they are only children I stand in front of, but they still make me nervous. I'm a 'behind the scenes' girl. I like making the cute news letters and cute stuff. I would make a good secretary. Anyways I probably got this calling to get over my fears.


THE CALLS said...

I use too. I love it! It's a great help for everything. Makes the sharing time a bit funner.

Kristen said...

We are in the same boat. Kate's birthday is the beginning of February and I'm so annoyed she has to stay in nursery for another whole year! It seems like such a waste - they both seem way to big to still be in nursery. Jonas and Kate will be in there together for like 6 months! Hopefully that goes ok. Jonas' birthday is Jan 8 so they better let him go to Sunbeams when he is turning 3 or I'll be even more mad!

Jenni said...

Good luck on the new calling. I'm sure you will be amazing at it because you tend to be amazing at everything.

Ben and Sara said...

I was called as the 2nd counselor in the Primary shortly after Colton was born. Just like you I was scared to death to do sharing time. We had it organized where we would each do it once a month and it worked great! As I did each sharing time it got easier and easier and I got more comfortable. I would still stress out each time I had it, but I had to remind myself that kids don't care if you mess up. Good luck, you'll do a great job!!

Cindy said...

Ditto on the Sugardoodle website - except I use it for YW. But it has EVERYTHING!!

January birthdays do suck when it comes to Nursery/Sunbeams! That's how Hailey was. She was so ready to move up and had to wait an entire year! Then they decided to gradually move them up over the space of 3-4 months! UGH!

On a more positive note, they will be the first girls to move up to YW. :)

Primary is so much fun. I cried for weeks when I was released. You are so creative & fun and I know that you're going to do an awesome job!!

Emilyjo said...

You'll do awesome!!! I got my degree in teaching kids and I was still scared when I did my first sharing time. Good Luck with it all and don't stress out to much. :) You are very creative and good with kids, you won't have a problem.