Saturday, January 03, 2009

Bag Lady

Last year, for Taylor's birthday my sister Gina sent her this super cute shopping cart.
Shortly after receiving it, we started calling Taylor the "Bag Lady"

We call her this because she likes to stuff as much 'stuff' in it she can and she pushes it around the house.
There are mornings when she will come out of her room (the cart is stored in her closet at bed time and when 'not' in use) with the cart full of all her toys that she insisted on dragging to bed with her the night some. She is never happy with just one or two toys. If she has multiple items of the same toy (ie: little ponies) she insists on playing with all 7 of them...and drags them around the house with her.

Troy's Mom likes to 'collect stuff.' She must get it from her because if you saw my sewing room or Troy's collection of photography or paintball stuff you wouldn't be able to tell we were related :)

Okay, maybe you could slightly see a relation. Just slightly though.


Emilyjo said...

It must be a little girl thing. Maddie fills all her bags and purses with one of everything! It is a pain to clean it up because she has something from every part of the house!
And she still ends up spleeping with 15 things in her bed.
Too funny!

Gina Nielson said...

You know it could be the "shoppping gene" too you know! That's what my cart looks like everytime I go shopping!! :)

Conley Clan said...

What a cute kiddo! Good-luck when the toys get bigger- who knows what she will be able to fit into the cart!

Melissa said...

So that's it! Boys put stuff in their pockets and girls use a cart! I am sure that one day she will move on to a purse!