Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Birthday Party!

Taylor was born on my brother Jason's oldest son's birthday, so we had a weekend full of PARTIES!

Zayne's party was Saturday night. We had two extra special guests at the party (plus two guests). My nephews Kody and Braden were in town and they brought one of their best High School 'Texas' friends and Kody's girl friend! I would visit my sister every summer growing up, but not once did I ever see Kody have a girl friend. Rachel was great. She lost her voice that morning, but you could still see some of her personality shine through.

Now onto the party pics:

We stayed up late that night playing the wii with my nephews (and me beating Rachel in boxing! :) Even though it literally looked like a cat fight!) So Fun!

Taylor's party turned out WONDERFUL!
I made a 'Happy Birthday' banner for her.

I did a pink princess theme. Little pink and purple crowns were made for the top of some of the cupcakes and the rest just had sprinkles ect.

Waiting for the guests to arrive....

Taylor doesn't quite have the 'three' fingers down. ROCK ON! :)

Last year she BAWLED while we were singing Happy Birthday to her, this year she was wonderful while we sang to her and blew all her candles out like a big girl!

Taylor LOVES ponies and she got hooked up!

BUT the pony Melissa gave her takes the cake. When she told me she got her a stuffed pony she said big, well she should have said HUGE! Taylor absolutely loves it!

Grandma Wilkinson (my Mom) got her a cute princess tent with the princess outfit to match.

The boy cousins thought the pink princess tent was pretty wonderful.

Taylor LOVES her cousin Jacie. She is like her little shadow and Jacie is great with Taylor.

We had a wonderful night and both kids (well ALL the kids) were all well behaved. I wasn't even a stress case like I usually am when my house is full of guests!

Thanks to all the family that joined us in the celebration of our daughter's THIRD birthday!


Melissa said...

LOL I love the pics of Kody and Rachel! I also love the "rock on" picture! Too funny!

Gina Nielson said...

Good job Alisha it all looks really, really good!! I too like the same pics Melissa did, I liked the one of Kody and Braden in the background when Zayne was blowing out his candles but Kody looks so skinny! :(
The rock on photo of Taylor is so cute!!! Your table and banner turned out really good. Happy Birthday Taylor!

Our Ole' Kentucky Home said...

happy birthday Taylor, wow time goes by so fast. I cant believe she is three. Looks like a fun birthday!!!

Korbi said...

Happy Birthday Taylor... :)

Emilyjo said...

It looks like a fun birthday! I love the banner you made. And Taylor looks super cute!!! I want to come play in her princess tent too!

Kelly and Joe said...

What a fun party! You are so creative!