Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mommy of the Year Award {again}

Remember a few months back when I gave myself THIS award?!?!?

Well, today it happened again....seriously, are you kidding?!?! I am a horrible Mom!

How it happened:

At gymnastics this morning she was COMPLETELY out of control. She was doing what we would ask her to do, but in between when we were waiting in line she was running all over the place, she was jumping on and off everything she could find.

When it was time for cart wheels I had had enough so I grabbed her hand and was holding on to it to make her stay in line. I had Parker in my other arm and she decided to throw she self down on the ground, while in my natural reaction I lifted up on her wrist, making her stand up and behave.

She immediately started crying and she continued for the last 20 minutes of class and most of the drive home.
She took a nice long nap, but immediately woke up crying that her arm hurt. Troy came home and we discussed waiting to see how she feels in the morning and if she isn't getting better we will take her to get checked. I finally break down and call the wife of the nurse that popped Taylor's arm back in last time and see what she thinks I should do. Her hubby was working so she sent us over to the Hospital and he will run out and look at it when we get there.

Here's the kicker: My Dad was having a Veteran's Day program and he had asked us to go to the dinner and for me to make bows for the auction they were having after the dinner. So I decided I would take Parker and run to Declo to my Dad's thing and Troy would run Taylor over to see Travis.

Shortly after I arrived to my Dad's thing Troy called and told me Travis sent them inside to get an x-ray because her wrist was a little swollen.
As soon as we hung up the phone I felt HORRIBLE that I wasn't there and started crying. My Dad told me he was okay with me leaving to go be with her....so I did.

I made the 20 minute drive back to the hospital right as the doctor (funny, because he along with the nurse (Travis) are both in our ward and we actually had dinner with the Doctor and his wife Sunday night AND me along with 7 other women had a girls night last night at Travis' house!!) was reading the x-ray and she had a small fracture in her wrist! I feel awful!

We were sent home with a splint for the arm with the encouragement that it should heal within two weeks.

Troy and I both think it won't quite take two weeks.....

Back off Mommies, the award belongs to me...for now.
Then will someone please take it so I can quit kicking myself over it?!?!?!?


Emilyjo said...

Okay I give you the award-Just kidding lesh. I'm so sorry! I can't tell you how many times I've had to pull my children back into place-I just got lucky and nothing else happened besides frustration.
Good Luck! I hope she gets her splint off quikly.
love ya!

Nicole said...

I'm sorry Alisha! I hope she gets feeling better soon- and you too! You have so much to juggle and I'm sure she is just a little fragile thing. Don't beat yourself up over it.

Lindsay said...

I'm sorry that happened. I can't tell you how many times I'm holdind Kaitlyn's hand and she'll just drop to the floor. That's a good lesson for me to be more careful. Taylor will be back to normal before you know it.

The Calls said...

Sorry about that. I have a sister who has a daughter and that was always happening. Before she was 4, it happened like 5 times. It took not very much force and that kept happening. My sister felt terrible, because she thought they were going to accuse her of child abuse. She finally got diagnosed with....not sure if this is right (nursemaid's elbow).I guess it's very common from 1-3 years old.
Maybe she has something like this?

Hewards said...

Hey Alisha thanks so much for your comment I have been feeling so confused and sad because blogging is also my journal and a way to stay in touch since I'm a momma. I'm going to take your advice and just be smarter.