Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Tumbling Progress!

Taylor was absolutely WONDERFUL today during her tumbling class! I was so proud of her!
She tried everything we asked her to do and only cried once....when we asked her to do hand stands.

She cried, but she did it.

Maybe it was all the threats I was making on the drive into class??? Just kidding! I did go today with a plan in mind on helping (okay, making) her do what was asked but I didn't have to resort to it.

Or maybe she heard my little prayer of having patience with her and for her to have the willingness to participate?!?!? :)

No matter what it was, she had so much fun today....and so did I.

*She was playing in the entertainment center and DID NOT want me to take a picture of her, so the ones I did get were of her crying, WAY blurry because she kept moving or with her red eyes as a result from crying....


Jackson's said...

Congrats on the progress. It's funny, you can never know what to expect with a little one. Hate something one day, love it the next.

Gina Nielson said...

As soon as I saw this photo I wondered what was wrong?? Not happy huh?

Emilyjo said...

I'm glad she's making progress. Just think in a couple years she'll be flipping all over the place and you won't even remember those hard days of crying and trying to get her to do stuff. you'll probably want her to stop and come sit by you again. ;)