Saturday, October 04, 2008

Grab Buttons!

I have been doing some searching and reading up and I figured out how to make grab buttons!

I have seen these around and wanted some for all the other blogs I write on!
All those that read these blogs and want to add these cute html grab buttons are more than welcome to grab the codes and add it to the side bar of your own blogs!

How to:
*Copy/paste the code below each grab button picture
*On your dashboard>Layout>Add Gadget>Scroll down to Html/JavaScript>Paste code>Save!

Easy peasy!

P.S. I just absolutely LOVE the power of the internet! I google'd every thing I wanted to learn and found it fairly easy! Yahoo!


Nicole said...

Thanks Alisha! You should add it to mom journals so people can snag it there.

The Goldade's said...

HEY! I just checked out your AJ's Bow-Tique on Etsy. You are so talented! You need to start teaching classes or something...if you do, I'm in! I'm always excited about learning to sew something new. Hope things are great!

Seth and Katie said...

Just the other day I was thinking you needed a button for your store. I wanted to add you to my sidebar but couldn’t but now I can! Nice work!

The Goldade's said...

Hey, I just tried to grab one of your buttons for my blog and it didn't work. Any suggestions?