Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Alisha's Randomness tag

I was tagged here and here so I figured I should do it! :)

List 7 Random things about yourself then tag 5 or don't tag 5, doesn't matter to me! But FYI I like to read these random tags so let's keep it going :)

1. When it comes to my bed there are ALOT of things that have to happen: Has to be made EVERYDAY, even if it gets made 2 minutes before I go to bed (which usually NEVER happens!) I will make it, then crawl in. Troy CAN NOT lay on my pillow. Something about the smell of 'boy' on my pillow grosses me out. The simple 'smell' test will help me verify who's pillow is who's if they get mixed up while in the process of making. I do NOT share my blanket! Ask Troy...I DON'T SHARE IT....not even a corner. I often get really protective of it when I see Taylor wrapped up in it or want to play 'fort' with it. Just doesn't happen! I change out blankets in both cases.

2. I hate the sound of people chewing. Is it mean of me to say sometimes when Taylor is chewing it drives me CRAZY (c'mon she's two, she can't help it!) But the loud chomping & swallowing of food is just gross.

3. I use to be deathly (and I mean DEATHLY) afraid of my basement at my parents house. My brothers were very destructive and pretty much tore the place apart, so it was always an unfinished storage room. The only time I would go downstairs was to use the laundry room. I would turn on EVERY light then when I was going back up I would RUN the entire way up (skipping two or three stairs at a time)like my butt was on fire just to get up as quickly as I possibly could!

4. ALL toys need to be put away before I go to bed. The other night I was down sewing and Troy put Taylor to bed. When I came up stairs I cleaned up all the toys in the living room, but when I woke up the next morning her room had NOT been picked up....that was the first thing I did when I got out of bed (except maybe feed Parker!)

5. When Troy and I are watching tv together in our room, I HAVE to run the remote. It stresses me out not having the remote. Have no clue why I stress over it, it just does....and he knows it! If you know Troy, you know he is a tease.

6. Toilet seats and shower curtains have to be CLOSED completely! I go crazy if one of them is open. It also bothers me when I go to others houses and the shower curtain is open or the toilet seat was up (especially in the 'boy' position!) Can you imagine the craziness that goes through my head in public restrooms where there isn't a top lid!?!?!? I also have to ALWAYS keep the back bathroom door shut, not only to keep Taylor out, but because Troy uses that bathroom and always leaves the seat up.....aaaahhhhhh!

7. I got in trouble with the cops twice while growing up 1) tipping over porta potties at the high school that was being built at the was sooooo gross when the cops made us go and tip it back over! 2) Climbing on top of Lee's furniture and throwing carrots at cars. Okay duh....Lee's is RIGHT across the street from the Police Dept.! So much fun! And you know who you are that had the idea! :) Ah good times!

I tag:
Gina (you better do it!)


Our Ole' Kentucky Home said...

Well lish all I have to say is a little OCD,as I was thinking about random things I do, I am OCD as well (stay tuned for mine). but hey thats why I love ya. Throwing carrots good times, we had some great memories!

The Calls said...

I remember Giselle was on the roof of Lee's too. I remember the police thing! You crazy girls. I'm glad you all are not in prison and you turned out ok.

Nicole said...

Fun read. I love the story about Lee's. It's a classic. Amen to the seats in the bathroom and the shower curtains and the bed being made and the toys being picked up...I see many similarities between you and me.

Edwards Family said...

Hey Alisha, this is Elisa Edwards (Kristen Lotz's sister). Kristen called me this afternoon and said that there were some really stinkin' cute bows that came for my baby girl. I just wanted to say that I was seriously touched and wanted to cry. Thank you so much! I can't wait to see them! I'm sure I will be checking out your site on ETSY because I really think you make cute stuff, and a girl can never have too many bows right?! Thanks again, that was really sweet.

Gina Nielson said...

Okay, I did it just for You!

Over the moon said...

That's so fun to read! I can't believe I knew some of those things about you! Ok, yes I can.