Friday, September 12, 2008

Picture Tag

I have seen this on alot of others blogs and thought I would do it too :)

The rules: No cleaning!!!!! That is it, I want to see how you really live! And you must tag 5 people back. Here we go! And please don't judge.

1. Closet

The sad thing about how full my side of the closet is, is that I only wear a handful of the shirts! I am still a little uncomfortable with some of my 'tighter' shirts that I only wear my loose ones. You can also see that I stash alot of things on top of the 'dresser' inside the closet. To the far right is a pile of maternity clothes that needs to be put away...only 4 months late!
Of all the slots for the shoes, Troy only has 3 of them...the rest are jammed full of just mine :)

2. Kitchen Sink

I am super lazy when it comes to my pots, you will usually find one (if not more) in my sink at all times. They have to be hand washed and then that little effort to dry and put them away is just too much for me! :) So I wash them, then turn them upside down to 'signal' they are clean and let them air dry. I don't see the point when I usually have to get it out again for lunch or dinner the next day....

3. Toilet

Can you tell who used the toilet last?!!?!??!

4. Laundry Room

I hate where my laundry room is located...right at the back door so any one that comes to it (which is almost EVERYONE!) sees it! Love, love, love the big washing sink-but hate that stuff gets piled on it...right now it's all of Troy's paintball stuff that he hasn't put away since Labor Day weekend. Please ignore the leotards drying atop the washer (Taylor starts gymnastics on Tuesday!) and the bag and box of clothes that are waiting to go to D.I.

5. Pets/Kids

Love my two kids. Both these pics are from today. Taylor is in a dancing kick and wears her two tutus around the house all day...everyday!
Also have a dog Takoda. She's not allowed inside....ever. She is okay, if she pooped in the yard causing me to have to clean it up before the kiddos can play outside I would definitely give her the boot, but she taught herself to do her business in the field so I am good. She's also good to bark and let us know if someone is at the house.

6. Place you want to go

Wouldn't this be nice?!?!?

7. Fridge

I HATE cleaning the fridge. That is why it is so full!

8. Self Portrait

The most recent picture of JUST myself is when I was 9 months preggo. My last pregnancy photo shoot taken with Little Parker T!

9. Favorite Room

That would be hands down our bedroom. It has our nice comfy bed, tv, TiVo (LOVE IT!), my laptop and usually my blue blanket-but it was in the wash, and usually two little ones lounging there right with me. If I am not in Parker's room feeding him, you will most likely find me in our room!

10. Favorite Shoes

These comfy flip flops from Target. I bought the brown ones first, loved them so much that I had to get a black pair too. Don't know what I will do when they fall apart and I will have to replace them!

I tag: Gina, Jenni, Emily, Melissa (you know you love it!), Jakobi


Korbi said...

My room is also my favorite! Love it! Your house is VERY clean for 2 kids!

Jenni said...

I have so much to say. First of all I love how organized your closets are. Second I wish my kitchen sink and laundry room were that clean. Third, cute kids (I especially love Taylor in her little Tutu and Hat. And fourth, I love your dresser in your bedroom. I'll try to do the tag tomorrow (I'm too tired tonight).

Hewards said...

Thats a really cute tag. I'm really impressed, you keep a clean house girl, with two kids and everything! I run with about 4 other ladies in the morning and we go on the canal banks. We never go alone that early in the morning cuz its so dark and we all wear headlamps! Sometimes if I miss cuz of my baby I'll go to the track or run around my neighborhood, but in the light of day.

Seth and Katie said...

That is a way fun tag! My house in Idaho always felt like a mess because we didn’t have a dishwasher so there were always dirty dishes. Now that we have a dishwasher in UT it seems the whole rest of the house stays cleaner! I love the picture of you pregnant-You’re so cute with a prego belly!

Sayda said...

It was great seeing you at Walmart. The pictures don't do your children any justice. They are 100 times cuter in person.