Monday, September 08, 2008


One of the perks about living in the same area that I grew up in, is once in awhile when my old H.S. friends roll into town I get a call wanting to hang out.

Last Sunday I met up with Emily (and her cute growing baby bump!) & Carrol.

Yesterday it was Cortney.

Cortney's little boy turned two so the kids and I were invited to his party.

I just love getting together with these girls and catching up (more than what is on our blogs) and to let our little ones run around with each other. But I also love getting together when the kids are at home with their Dad's (like last Sunday with Em & Carrol) or they are napping so we don't have to chase them around all the time! :)

Thanks girls for the nice visits and for being such wonderful friends!


Over the moon said...

How fun! That is a HUGE perk to living 'at home'. Member, we'll be home again soon...and I have exciting news for you, no...I'm not pregnant, but someone is!!! :0)

Alisha said...

Okay Carrol!
You can't leave me with the suspense of who is pregnant for 3 weeks! You must spill the beans!

I am planning on being to the farewell...what time is it at again?!?!?

The Calls said...

You guys look wonderful together! Alisha, speaking of friends...I did a little tribute on Giselle's birthday on our blog and I thought of the wonderful friends she has in you and all the other dear friends she went to school with. Infact, there is some pictures of you on our blog because of your friendship. Thanks for being such a good friend to her. I know when she comes into town, she wants to see all of you just as much as her family. Saya

Our Ole' Kentucky Home said...

I enjoy seeing you as well. I will be home for christmas so I hope we can get together over the break!

Jenni said...

I love coming home and seeing friends. You really are so lucky to get to see everyone that comes home. I really wish I could move back. I love the pictures of everyone.

gizcallyomom said...

I LOVED seeing these pics!!!! Everyone looks SO great!!!