Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Let Go Baby!

Yesterday afternoon as I was going through Parker's closet (that kid is growing like a weed!) Parker was kickin' it in his bouncy seat.

Taylor was being her usual obnoxious self...stealing his toys off the seat, rocking him a little too hard, squishing his cute fat little cheeks, rubbing his little faux hawk down, smothering his face with kisses and rubbing her nose onto his.
I kept telling her over and over to leave Dude alone, but she continued to pester him.

After one particular face to face encounter, as she was backing away she started yelling,
"Let Go Baby Dude! Let go!"

I turn around to see Parker has a fist full of her beautiful blond a-line hair!

I think he had enough of her pestering!

I took my time prying his chubby fingers away from her hair.

She left him alone...

until this morning, then it was game on again.

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Over the moon said...

I was thinking to myself..that'll teach her..then I read that last line. :0) They never learn do they!!