Saturday, August 23, 2008

Fun, Different kind of Tag

I was tagged by Crystal. Here goes:

I am: a Mommy
I think: I need a morning just to sleep in
I know: that Christ lives
I want: my kids to be happy and healthy
I have: a wonderful family and great friends
I dislike: fish
I miss: Big Sis, Gina
I fear: being in a horrible car wreck
I feel: sleepy
I hear: Lion King (Akuna-Matada song!)
I smell: the shampoo in Tay's hair
I crave: something sweet
I cry: to anything dealing with children hurt or getting hurt
I usually: check e-mails/blogs every morning
I search: e-bay (great deals on children's clothes!)
I wonder: what my kids will be like when they grow up
I regret: piercing my belly button -the only place I got a stretch mark being preggo....errrr!
I love: my husband & children
I care: what people think of me
I always: pick up toys & tidy my house before I go to bed (& leave my house)
I worry: I won't be a good Mom
I am not: a messy person
I remember: When I told Troy I would never marry a farmer on our first look at us! :)
I believe: You are only as happy as you allow your self to be
I dance: crazy with Taylor to make her laugh
I sing: funny random songs to my kids (usually made up by Troy)
I don't always: put the laundry away immediately
I argue: too much with Troy about being nice and giving in with Taylor
I write: very little
I win: hardly ever
I lose: too much
I wish: I knew what the future holds for me
I listen: to Troy playing with our kids
I don't understand: how anyone could hurt a child
I can usually be found: at home
I am scared: of losing my husband or one of my kids
I need: a massage
I forget: to switch the laundry sometimes
I am happy: with my life

I tag: Emily, Gina, Kristen


Conley Clan said...

How great! You can learn so much about someone with these "tags"

Jenni said...

I also loved this tag. I did know you got your belly button pierced. I also have the same fears as you.

Over the moon said...

Oh Alisha, you sound like a mom :0): I think: I need a morning just to sleep in...AND...I want: my kids to be happy and healthy...AND...I feel: sleepy...AND...I need: a massage...AND...I am happy: with my life. Proof that being a mommy is one of the hardest, most rewarding jobs in the whole world! I know you are a GREAT mom. Taylor and Parker are SO lucky to have you as their mommy!!! Thanks for the smile!

Over the moon said...

I love that pic of you and Taylor!

Emilyjo said...

I bet your glad you went back on your word of Marying a farmer now!!!
So does Sat or Sun work best for you to get together? We must all get together even if its for a short time.
My famly is playing Tennis and having races on Saturday early afternoon so I will be at the park and track and I will not be playing so we could meet there. Let me know!

Lindsay said...

That's really a fun tag. I learned a lot about you. What a great picture too--so cute!

gizcallyomom said...

You really are so amazing!

Over the moon said...

I loved seeing you today Alisha! And little Parker too. One of these days I need to see Taylor again!! Sorry it was such a short visit...those are the worst..but better than nothing!!

Love ya tons!